You know you are incredible, unique, and one of a kind.

You’ve been in the online business world for a while, so you know how important it is to look elevated to attract your best-fit clients.

But now you desire to take things to the next level!

One you. One brand. One style.

Let’s make it happen together.


I chose my VISION. I wear my VISION and I continue every single day

But it was not always like that…

Women in my family were my heroes, big figures and a huge inspiration.

“Vain trifles as they seem, clothes have, they say, more important offices than to merely keep us warm. They change our view of the world and the world’s view of us.”

Virginia Wolf (Orlando)

My grandma, from the war generation, didn’t like to spend money. For her clothes were only a practical tool to cover the body and recycling + upcycling were the way to go.

On the other hand, my mum became one of my early style icons but she didn’t always have the financial means to dress well.

As a child, she was wearing only second-hand clothes – ashamed of looking frumpy with fits either too big or too small. She craved looking better.

Everything changed when my mother got her first job and started earning more money. Finally, she could invest in her appearance as she always dreamed of.

She became my own fashion icon.

She always bought me different things than the other kids.

“Why to fit in, when you were born to stand out.”

Anna Wintour

I remember the story of a pink hat with a kangaroo print. All the children had it. Finally, one day I had mine. But it was not pink, it was GREEN!

On one hand I was happy having my kangaroo hat but on the other it was not the trendy one.

I was standing out.

The initial discomfort of this turned into excitement.

My mom showed me the path to not just follow the trends, but to set my own.

Shortly after, the older kids started to ask me where I went shopping.

This is how I knew my approach to style was different.

My first serious job in a lawyer office had a very strict dress code. We were allowed to wear a black or a grey suit and white or blue shirt.

But I put my own stamp on it by wearing a bordeaux shirt.

I soon switched to working in more creative environments – like publishing houses.

I could finally experiment with no rules to follow.

This is when I boldly embraced being different, something I had inside me all along.

I ultimately ended up moving to Amsterdam to study fashion.

Now, I work with women leaders in embracing who they really are, discover their own iconic style, and dress to match their level of expertise and boldly stand out in their industry.

Here I am.

Hey I’m Bea

With over two decades of experience, I thrive on empowering powerhouse women who are poised to take on bigger challenges.

My proprietary ICON method™ involves translating your essence and personality into a distinctive personal style that will catapult your business to it’s next level.

Simply put, I’m here to show you how to embody your brand through your wardrobe choices and help you elevate your business game.

With me by your side, you will exude confidence, power, and elegance in every aspect of your professional life.

I work with female entrepreneurs & thought leaders growing their business to 7-figures & beyond by stepping into their personal style:

  • Become recognized as the go-to experts they already are
  • Attract premium and higher end clients
  • Grow a thriving online business
  • Create bigger impact they always wanted
  • Fully claim their power

Let’s work together to elevate your style.