AGNIESZKA GACZKOWSKA Affiliation 2.0 Serial Entrepreneur – (Poland)

It was a life changer! The most surprising is that working with Bea Salomma is changing you in a way you would never suspect. It changes you and your life for good and let you experience new positive life! Your life will never be the same: it will change your wardrobe, your style, your mind, and your business. It will give you a boost of confidence you would never imagine!

Beata’s personality and how she was advising, leading by example, and taking care of each of us women, is precious!

– Betsi, Healing Coach – (USA)

Bea Salomma helped me to define my own style and colors, she gave me the motivation to organize better my wardrobe. I have more energy and space in my mind as well. I received a lot of useful tips and positive energy from Bea 🙂

– Anna B, Business Owner – (Netherlands)


Working with Bea Salomma helped me while delivering my speech on the TEDex stage. For me how I show up and how I look on the stage was crucial, it was only when I worked with Bea. I wanted to look aligned with what I say, my values, and what I do daily. Bea Salomma led me through the powerful process of understanding how much the way I look can emphasize the way I speak and what I want to deliver in that speech. On the stage when I was dressed the way we created it gave me this powerful confidence boost. I believe that working with Bea makes a huge difference in how you show up, feel, and deliver. It was a game-changer and the best investment ever.

– Agnieszka Gaczkowska Affiliation 2.0 Serial Entrepreneur – (Poland)

Meeting Bea Salomea and working with her on my personal image made me feel happier, more beautiful, and more comfortable in my own chosen style. It helped me to define my best colors, my style, and the types of garments that look nice on me. It also encouraged me to get rid of things that I do not wear or do not look good on me. When I buy clothes now I am more aware of what represents my style the best.

– Marloes van Loenhout, Constructor – (Netherlands)

I am very proud of myself and thank you very much Bea Salomma for giving me courage and “blowing my wings”. I’m so excited, I did shopping and for the first time in my live I’m not sending anything back! I know exactly which are my best colors and fits and I can show up as a CEO of my company finally.

– Monika K, Business Owner – (Poland)

My wardrobe was overcrowded and I would only wear about 10 percent of it. Bea Salomma helped me to find my style (again), declutter my wardrobe and become aware of what looks good on me and make more conscious decisions about what is missing in my wardrobe and what I don’t need anymore. You get a new perspective on your style (what you love, what you need in your lifestyle and what looks good and feels good on you), more space in your closets and positive energy from Bea Salomma. And in the end: feeling better about yourself when you look in the mirror.

– Dagmar van der Neut, Journalist – (Netherlands)