Become the One

Elevate your style to the next level & become the only go-to expert for your ideal clients.

8-week 1:1 experience to discover your signature style & curate your brand capsule wardrobe to embody your magnetic brand online as an online coach, consultant or service provider.

Do any of these resonate?

  • You are unsure whether your current look & image is helping you embody the expert status that you know you deserve.
  • You feel like you’re blending in with the crowd and that makes you invisible to your ideal premium clients.
  • You don’t know how to get ready every day and look your instant best for professional gigs online & offline.

But deep down you know that you’re ready to take your business income + impact to it’s next level and turn it into your new reality.

It’s time to refine your existing style to match your new vision and embody the expert you are and visually present yourself to attract better clients.

You are here to OWN IT and stand out.


Working with Bea Salomma helped me while delivering my speech on the TEDex stage. For me how I show up and how I look on the stage was crucial, it was only when I worked with Bea. I wanted to look aligned with what I say, my values, and what I do daily. Bea Salomma led me through the powerful process of understanding how much the way I look can emphasize the way I speak and what I want to deliver in that speech. On the stage when I was dressed the way we created it gave me this powerful confidence boost. I believe that working with Bea makes a huge difference in how you show up, feel, and deliver. It was a game-changer and the best investment ever.
Agnieszka Gaczkowska Affiliation 2.0 Serial Entrepreneur ,(Poland)

Time to take your personal brand style to the next level to match your bold vision.

You are unique, one of a kind.
One you. One brand. One style.


  • Standing out of the crowd
  • Making memorable and lasting impression
  • You are remembered and you make an imprint in potential clients minds
  • You find and define your authentic style. It is a calling card to drawn right audience and elevate your business
  • You show up with confidence
  • Your style is a way of communicating with the world and showing your values
  • More intentional visibility
  • You own your personal power which help your brand to resonate with the people who are meant to work with you
  • Attracting perfect team to support you in growing your business
  • You are aligned with your brand which helps you to communicate with ease and intention
  • More credibility
  • Upleveling your visibility

Introducing you to The ICON method™









Meet your bold & badass brand stylist

With over two decades of experience, I thrive on empowering powerhouse women who are poised to take on bigger challenges.

My proprietary ICON method™ involves translating your essence and personality into a distinctive personal style that will catapult your business to it’s next level.

Simply put, I’m here to show you how to embody your brand through your wardrobe choices and help you elevate your business game.

With me by your side, you will exude confidence, power, and elegance in every aspect of your professional life.

I work with female entrepreneurs & thought leaders growing their business to 7-figures & beyond by stepping into their personal style:

  • Become recognized as the go-to experts they already are
  • Attract premium and higher end clients
  • Grow a thriving online business
  • Create bigger impact they always wanted
  • Fully claim their power

Let’s work together to elevate your style.


I wholeheartedly recommend Bea Salomma as a personal brand style coach. Bea has transformed not only how I look and show up for myself, but how I feel about myself. She is highly creative and able to give great ideas for how to embellish your personal brand while still being authentically you. Unlike other personal stylists, she doesn’t come with preconceived ideas about how you should present yourself, but gets to know you and what matches with what you naturally gravitate you. That way she doesn’t “create” your personal brand but instead brings out the brand that was always there waiting to come out and shine her light. Thanks to Bea I can now shine bright!
Ange Dove Work From Anywhere Coach , (Singapore)


6x private 1:1 meetings where we’ll cover:

Module 1: Identify your brand vision & establish your brand essence to become magnetic to future clients & new opportunities

Module 2: Clarify your best colors, fits & silhouettes to embody the look and feel of your brand from head to toe

Module 3: Organize and declutter to make space in your wardrobe & in your mind

Module 4: Navigate your lookbook and capsule wardrobe to easily achieve on-brand outfits to create consistency & become memorable

8 weeks of Voxer office hours on Tuesdays & Thursdays to ask questions as you’re implementing

By the end of the 8 weeks you’ll have accomplished:

  1. Understanding how to use colour & fashion psychology to position your visual brand to stand out from the crowd
  2. Assemble your style moodboard to unearth your brand vibe & essence
  3. Learn your best and most flattering colors & shapes to make getting dressed and shopping easier.
  4. Discover the simple steps to declutter your current wardrobe with ease + speed (so you can free up your headspace)
  5. Curate your signature style playbook based on your brand to make shopping for new pieces & decluttering your existing wardrobe much easier
  6. Create your brand capsule wardrobe to have ready for each important meeting, presentations & webinars both online or in person (so you get ready in a few minutes instead of hours)

This program is for you if :

  • You’ve been in business for at least 2+ years
  • You already have a personal brand but crave to take it to the next level to match your new income & impact goals
  • You have an upcoming launch and for that you’ll need new brand style and photos
  • You are attending or hosting in-person events and you need to look like a million bucks
  • You’re working towards achieving that 7-figures in your business

Investment: 3500 Euro
Payment plan available.

Make memorable & lasting impression.

Become the only go-to expert for your ideal clients.

Stand out of the crowd.

Become ICONIC.